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On Saturday night a bunch of us headed up to UMASS, which is a huge campus in Amhearst, MA. There’s a lot of different stuff to ride, and I guess we didn’t get to most of it, but we hit a couple of cool things. This campus definitely gets sessioned, there’s a big hip built into a hill, and the wallride below with a lip carved out. It’s also the site of Devin Feil’s humungous ender 360 from the Peg Leg video. We mostly just chilled all night, cruised around with 10-15 dudes and ate pizza. It was graduation day on campus, so the town was packed full of American college culture (which is really funny). Highlights included Tom K barspinning into a 25 stair and this dude Adam trying to jump over a tree off of a lip made of scrap wood.

Tom K – fakie wallride to high speed rollback.


wax it

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actnow in super 8

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Richard shot all of this footage during his travels over the past couple of years. I really like this.


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Albany might just be my favorite city to ride, and apparently I haven’t even seen most of the spots there yet. Yesterday we packed a few cars up and drove west for the day. Most of the guys had never rode there before, but with some direction from a couple of friends we made it to a few awesome places. The first spot we hit was Troy banks, which I have no photos of, but it’s a pretty incredible spot. The spot is made up of a bunch of cobblestone banks underneath a bridge. The locals have done some quickcrete work; there are wallrides, a bank to sub, a bunch of ledges and rails, hips and an eight (?) stair ledge. That spot lasted a couple hours and included Tom K pulling a 180 nosebonk on a handrail by accident. Next up was an empty swimming pool in the woods. I always refer to this as the FBM pool because it’s in basically every FBM video, and they always have a bunch of photos etc. from this spot. The pool hasn’t been drained yet this year, but the deep end is like 12 feet deep so most of the water was chilling in there. The shallow end has a bunch of different transitions, some natural and some constructed with quickcrete. The variety makes it fun, and there are lots of unique lines to be found. Highlights here included some tech icepick variations from Seth and Justin and Pauly literally attacking the steep side walls. After that we headed into town and James and Tom both got nice clips at a middle school, then Tom got a flat, so we said goodbye to the group and drove home. All things considered it was a pretty awesome day. A big thanks to Dave and Kevin for helping us find everything.

The pool… just picture Phil Wasson doing a six foot pocket air.

James never pulled this, but he did do it to ninja drop, which is better.

Tom was hitting this toothpick pretty consistently, along with a few creative pool lines.

I’m pretty sure Greg did this to icepick bonk, which is also better than pulling it clean.

Tom K, about to do something ridiculous.

Grinding this straight would be awesome (the hop is way over bar height), but he was definitely 180ing out as well.

tom k

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Jeff Dupaul put this up yesterday and it’s good.

a quick note about glitches

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I’ve gotten word from a couple people who have copies of the video that glitch, so I just wanted to pass along a relatively common sense reminder. If your copy glitches, get a hold of me and I’ll send another one out. Burned dvds glitch for a number of reasons, it could be the disk itself, the format of the disk, or maybe that brand just doesn’t work with your player. Sometimes it’s an easy problem to fix on my end, and sometimes it’s more elusive. If you have an older dvd player, videos are more likely to glitch, but I tried to format it so it would work on as many players as possible.