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Funnest/scariest trails ever! It’s hard to tell how steep the hill is in this. Building trails in Anchorage is like kicking yourself in the face… impossible and maybe painful. That spot just never worked until we threw some cement in the dirt and got some carpet. Once that happenned, Joe and I just rode trails for a month straight. One day we finally built Joe some rollers, after he’d been talking about it for weeks. It totally wrecksed the spot for him, and I don’t think he ever made it through the sets after that, but watching that guy throw his humungous bike at a tree was amazing. So much weird stuff happened up there – the moose, some regular airsoft game, families on atvs. Brian and I even had a verbal throwdown with a mountain biker, and if you know us, you can probably imagine how funny that was. These are still the only trails I’ve ridden at midnight.


spillway trip(s)

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This was one of my best finds in Alaska. I heard about this randomly from Sally’s cousin. It took me three days of running around the woods in the middle of nowhere to find it. It was definitely awesome. We rode the spillway three times, and each time was different. The first time was a last ditch edit to finish david’s part for four corners. It was wet, dark, and it took him 30 tries to land a tailwhip, but we shot three clips and it was good. The second session was a random morning when Wayne, Terrence and I had nothing planned. That was a sunny day, and Wayne was in that stage where he was just learning to really blast a quarterpipe. The spillway has the transition of a six foot mini, but it backs off so there’s nothing to case so it worked out pretty nicely. The last trip was a camping trip. We brought everyone up there, rode the spillway, cooked some dogs and hiked up a mountain. It was summer, so we hiked in the daylight until 4am, slept for a few hours, then woke up in the clouds. When we got back to base camp, we encountered some wildlife.