I’ve been wanting to go to Vermont for a while now. This morning Matt, Seth and I packed the truck up and headed North. The catalyst for this trip was the Bondville bowl; I’d seen some photos online and it got a good review from Brien K, which was enough for me to be excited. Vermont reminds me a lot of the Kootenays (for those reading this in BC), it’s full of mountains and tiny towns, and one of those tiny towns has a skatepark that’s good enough to seem way out of place in a small ski town. We went to Bondville and Manchester, which were polar opposites as far as parks go.

This is the main bowl at Bondville. It’s basicaly a pool in some parts, and has some decent but still steep transitions. I wish the clamshell went upside down!

This is pretty mellow after riding Haven, but still fun.

Seth could do tricks here, which was actually pretty impressive.

This is a Sloppy Sam transition. For those not in New England, Sloppy Sam is the dude who builds all of the cement parks around here. Apparently he really likes pools, and that’s basically what he builds. Even his “regular” parks have vert transitions in six foot bowls. This is a four foot quarterpipe with at least two feet of vert.

This is a ramp made out of garbage. Six pieces of wood, a metal thing, a plastic pallet, a parking block, and a piece of flashing. Manchester was awesome!

Seth riding garbage.

Note the dirt stains on Matt’s shoulder. Two tries before this may have been the only time I’ve seen him crash.


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