black and white film

Even after purchasing a nice new digital SLR, I still have my old film camera hanging around. Every once in a while I grab a roll and try to get some shots that are more permanent than the typical day tripping photo you’ll see on this blog. I put them in a shoe box, and eventually I’ll put them all in an album. After leaving the photo shop/pharmacy, I still sit in my car and open each new batch of photos with the same sense of anticipation I did when I was in high school. There’s something satisfying about having to wait that long for gratification. Here are some shots from the role I shot this summer.

Hanging out at Garfield School. We had some of the best dudes on this trip. Tony is always down to hook us up with a place to stay, and Andrew and George are super chill dudes to roadtrip with. George is always stoked. My friend Chris doesn’t ride, but came along anyways. We traveled together many times in 2004, through South East Asia and different parts of New Zealand (we actually met George at one point, he was like 14 and randomly remembers this). He kept using the phrase “bmx bandits”, which is really awesome.

Andy Roode: “I went to Garfield and all I did was grind a handrail”. I don’t remember the exact quote.

I don’t really know Andy Roode that well, he and James Steele came down with Jeremy from Presence (and they all sat through ridiculous amounts of Seattle traffic to get to this rail). He tried this Luc-e grind maybe 20 times and never pulled it, but it appears he was extremely close.

On our Philly trip we ended up riding with this dude Chris (Hollatchaboy on bmxboard). He kept talking about how he has an awesome roof to hang out on, and it was, in fact, awesome.

East Coast summers are way too humid. A bunch of us spent a Sunday riding around Boston and eventually ended up at the harbor for a bit of chillin. One of the highlights of the East Coast is just riding around the cities. The spots are close enough that you can just roll around, and there is a ton of stuff to see. Weaving through traffic is nice too, and if you have enough people you can go really fast and cars won’t really bother you.

Matt Horak – table. This park is so fun! It’s in Killingly, CT on a tennis court, and you can blast that quarter as high as you want (even those of us who can’t air quarters).


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  1. these are excellent.

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