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nate’s trip

Posted in Uncategorized on September 9, 2010 by Aaron

Nate Delp came out to visit the East Coast last weekend, and it was a blast. Nate said he didn’t care where we went, as long as we had fun, and I think we executed that nicely. 

Our first day was spent in New York City, basically just cruising around. We went to the south side of Manhattan, where I’d never been. We checked out spots that you can’t ride, had buck a slice pizza, cruised through the financial district, and rode the skatepark under the Manhattan Bridge for 20 minutes. I love cruising around cities, so this day was a highlight for me. We finished the night off with a Haven session with Jeff Dupaul and Tom K, which proved to be productive.

The next day we slept in and went to Boston. The idea was to hit up some popular spots, and at some point in the past I told Nate I would take him to easy rails. We went to Jamaica Plains and we all had some rail fun. Tom K came for the day and filmed a couple of bangers here. We hit the red banks next, which happen to be really close to those rails.

Tom and Nate Checking out clips

Wallride on the sub box

We tried to go to the top of bunker hill after that, but the monument was closed so we bombed a hill and called it a night.

On Monday we went to Vermont, stopping in Greenfield along the way. Vermont is really nice this time of year; it’s a bit less humid and manchester has a fun wood park.

At one point Nate’s tables attracted a crowd of teenaged girls.

Tuesday night we went to Rhode Island, but stopped in Killingly, CT on the way. Killingly is a cool little cement park with a fun center piece that has two five foot quarters and an eight foot quarter set back. It seems like this part of the country loves tiny parks. None of them compare to the super parks out west, but having a lot of small parks is kind of cool. Each park tends to have one or two obstacles that are really fun, and they all have a different feel to them. Variety is good. 

It took a while to make this non-ugly, but I was really happy with this table.

Nate was blasting this channel gap and doing real nice tables.

Pawtucket was the last stop of the night, and we spent most of our time weaving through kids to get at this hip.

Nate blasting again. This hip is only 3 feet tall, so that was impressive.

The East Coast is super fun, and it’s really easy to get everywhere from where we’re at. I should have some video from the trip in the future, but I’m saving the really good stuff for the Fat Trax video (which will be out soon enough).