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Sally and I welcomed this little guy into the world about a month ago. He has humungous feet, he sleeps a lot, and he’s seen or listened to every episode of Seinfeld as of yesterday. I’m not sure how he felt about the finale.


on intros

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Intros are one of the things that I have a strong opinion on when it comes to bmx videos. It’s one of those things that’s been done formulaicly 99% of the time for twenty years or so. Most videos introduce all of the riders with riding clips and maybe add some clips of cities or landscapes. This makes no sense to me, especially if there is some kind of introduction at the beginning of each rider’s section. Why do we need to get to know you all twice?

Intros are a blank slate. You could do literally anything with it, so why not be creative?

Ideally, the intro should set the tone for a video – lead you in to the first part and let you know what kind of vibe to expect throughout. Many videos do this, but most of the time it’s pretty boring.

I can think of a couple that I like off the top of my head:

The Animal intro is cool because it’s so simple. No text, no music, clips from most guys on the team (shoutout to Tony Piff for that one). I like the lotek intro because it leads nicely into the video format. There are no rider sections, so it’s necessary to introduce everyone – the slideshow is slow paced, and it gives you time to think about it. It’s just a little different than usual, and it feels kind of classy.

Four Corners was the first video that I made where I conciously tried to change my intro format. It wasn’t a huge deviation from the norm, but it felt fitting at the time. The Anchorage scene was weirdly rooted in dirt jumping – like everyone met riding dirt piles and short lived spots, and I had some clips of everyone riding trails. I wanted to separate those clips out because I thought they were very aesthetically different than all of the street and park clips.

For Burn This, I just went with a tried and true theme that I thought would reflect all of the fun we had making the video. The song is perfect to me. It’s a live four track recording of Jon-Rae Fletcher doing gospel songs (as a side note, if you ever have a chance to see him live, Jon-Rae puts on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen). The song uses a train metaphor. It’s got a folky vibe that I think goes really well with riding, but is under represented because everyone’s to busy using Gucci Mane.

The Hinterland had an intro that was a bit more out there. Since the format was documentary, I wanted to use a more classic movie style. It’s got a subtle theme that runs through the video – the Alaskan spirit that makes riding work up there.

The dogs at the end are running the Iditarod, which starts in downtown Anchorage and runs 1100 miles to Nome, a city whose scene is documented two sections in.

Leave a comment if you can think of an intro that was somewhat memorable or creative.


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Head over to Repset to check out a photo that Justin shot of me.

dunkerque outtakes

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Here’s the last part of Mutiny’s Dunkerque excursion. There is so much to love about this web series. The quiet, desolate looking city, amazing untapped spots, runouts that end on the beach… it feels like a strange world that they found accidentally, or a milder version of something you’d see on Tony Piff’s blog. Cheers to these guys for doing something creative with their web content.

now this is a web video

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nate and me

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Some clips from Nate’s trip. The rest are going in the Fat Trax dvd.


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Getting ready to get back in the blogging game. Boston is an amazing city, and all these dudes kill it.