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possible route

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america ii: part i

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I am driving across America for the second time, this time with my wife, son, Tony Archibeque, and eventually our friend Gary. Our route is undecided, although we have planned stops for Fort Wayne, Minneapolis, and Whitefish, MT.

Today’s events really began on Wednesday, when I discovered at the Uhaul place that someone had removed the wiring for trailer lights from my truck. I ended up next door at what Tony initially decided was a chop shop, but it was relly just a bunch of Puerto Rican dudes who fixed semi trucks.

That leads us to today, when their sketchy wiring job blew the circuit for the brake lights and my truck wouldn’t get out of park. In the parking lot of a hotel with a waterpark.

Tony and I waterslid our faces off for an hour before retiring. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos for today because the camera is still in the truck. The one thing this blog is missing is waterslide action photos.

two videos from gabe

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Back by request. We’re picking up and moving to Seattle in a week. In the meantime, here’s our first big trip to Seattle, and it’s still an awesome video.